Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reception, Theater Lab and Electra/Oscillation

So I finally got another job! I am one of the three people taking turns working the Pius XI switchboard, I'm a receptionist! That makes me more likely to be sexually harrased right? God I hope so... wouldn't that be fantastic! Anyway... The young kid musical in a week starts in two weeks... I'm excited for that... I probably get my own intern as an assistant. Awesome? YES! Necassary? God no... I'm excited for that as well. I may even be getting an assistant director for the normal Lab... again, awesome yet completely uneccasary. Anyway, I've been working on music for Electra a lot lately... Too much really bizzare research into really bizzare music. Do many other college students know how to build square wave oscillators? I think not...

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